What Is the Most Scandalous News Event

What Is the Most Scandalous News Event ASSIGNMENT: Discussion One

Part ONE: Please post your response to Part One by 11:59 PM on March 3

What Is the Most Scandalous News Event
What Is the Most Scandalous News Event

One of the most important things is that we create a virtual community. We may not be in a physical classroom together, but we are very much a class. To that end, please tell us who you are, why you are taking this class, and if you have any concerns about the course.

What Is the Most Scandalous News Event

Then answer this: what is the most scandalous or controversial news event you can think of? It can be current or have occurred in the past (100s of years in the past if you wish). You cannot repeat something that has already been said by someone! In AT LEAST FIVE SENTENCES explain why you think this news event got so much attention.

NOTE: My definition of the word “scandal” is very broad; I basically mean a specific news event that garnered a lot of media attention. Please do NOT choose an issue (i.e., gay marriage or the drinking age). The second paper we write this semester will be an argument regarding an issue. This assignment requires you to select a particular historical or current event that received widespread media coverage.

about my self

(I am greeting everyone! My Name is(…..). I am taking this course because it is necessary for any context to be able to synthesize facts and reading into a compelling argument cogently. Such a skill will help me succeed not only within the parameters of this course but also thought my student’s life and work life. By taking this course, therefore, I am hoping to hone my analytic skills in tandem to mastering persuasive essays. I am also looking forward to many insightful and intellectually stimulating exchanges with my fellow peers! I do have worries because it is straightforward to lose track of deadline or reading material or I can’t stay on top of things.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering.

I have been enrolled in NJIT college since the fall of 2017.

My hobbies include tennis and swimming, and I am also an ardent bookworm and classical literature aficionado.

If I could live the rest of my life in a movie, I would choose the Harry Potter universe. Using spells would render small chores obsolete, and I could essentially conjure the

American Dream for myself! (I’m surprised the Wizarding World is not more of a commune given the fact that everyone at will can summon food, water, and shelter).

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