What Makes Therese from At Fault Uniquely American

What Makes Therese from At Fault Uniquely American
What Makes Therese from At Fault Uniquely American

What Makes Therese from At Fault Uniquely American

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At Fault by Kate Chopin

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3For your project, you should choose a character from the novel you have read. Explain what makes that character uniquely American. Please feel free to think outside the box. There are characters within these novels that may not be legally or technically American but are tremendous examples of the American spirit. This gives you a lot of opportunity to really explore a character that interests you.You will need to incorporate many aspects of the novel to prove your case. Be sure to look at issues such as imagery, dialect, social and cultural influences, and point of view, among others.

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What Makes Therese from At Fault Uniquely American

By taking a look at Kate Chopin’s novel At Fault, the reader is tempted to ask what the American spirit is. Despite the existence of several differences in the manner in which individuals speak or look, these people happen to share characteristics and traits that represent the aspect of Americanism in a perfect way. In the novel “At Fault” by Kate Chopin, there exist several great examples of characters or individuals who exhibit the spirit of American. By taking a look beyond the main lot and surface, Theresa Lafirme happens to be among the characters who display the American spirit in Chopin’s novel. In this novel, Theresa symbolizes and portrays what the American spirit encompasses. Besides, this character plays a vital role in revealing what the American spirit has transformed her into despite of her descent, which is Creole. Theresa displays a unique sense or aspect of women’s independence and entrepreneurship. Moreover, this character demonstrates a rare aspect of motivation to excel and the liberty to express her emotion and love. In the subsequent paragraphs, the American spirit of Theresa will be elaborated via literary elements, which are present throughout Chopin’s novel such as motivation, setting, and protagonist. In the 19th century, the way of life of Americans in the South cannot be elaborated better than by focusing on the setting surrounding the life of Theresa Lafirme (Russell 11).

The setting occurs during the post-reconstruction America in the late 19th century in Northwestern Louisiana that is featured as the old South. Theresa is shown to live on Place-du-Bois that is located beside Cane River, which nears the Natchitoches town. This town is located between Texas and Louisiana. The subsequent involves an excerpt from the novel that elaborates the old southern landscape’s setting with combination of modernization. This idea is evident in Chopin’s statement:

“These hills extended in a long line of gradual descent far back to the wooded borders of lac du Bois; and within the circuit which they formed on the one side, and the irregular half circle of a sluggish bayou on the other, lay the cultivated open ground of the plantation-rich in its exhaustless powers of reproduction,” (2).

In this novel, Theresa is seen to portray unique sense of independence. This character demonstrates a high level of liberty in terms of thinking. Chopin argues that Theresa had an independence of thought, which was exceptional when viewed from the perspective of her life alongside its surrounding conditions. This form of thinking is perfect reflection of the true American spirit as it allows an individual to make decisions that are based on personal views as opposed to ideas of others. Theresa’s independence of mind or through was evident in her reactions to life issues such as divorce. For instance, Chopin claims that Theresa could refuse to answer any question about divorces as it was beyond her level (Chopin 32). This statement provides a clear revelation that Theresa’s opinions were not meant to please any one as she spoke what she felt was right. In relation to this, Theresa portrays the American spirit, which is vital for one’s survival. Moreover, the aspect of Theresa’s independence is revealed in the author’s statement that Theresa perceived divorce as a blessing. This statement happens to contradict the thinking of many women who fear the issue of divorce. In several occasions, most of the divorced women always think of it as the end of their happy lives. On the other hand, Theresa happens to view divorce an opportunity for the woman to better her life. Therefore, the social and cultural influences seem to have not affected the thinking of Theresa. Besides, Theresa is depicted to be independent from social influence in the scene where she talks to Homer about catholic religion. In this scene, Theresa made it clear to Homer that religion did not influence her reasoning on being married to him (Russell 18). As a character with the American spirit, Theresa believes that a woman can make it in life despite being divorced from her husband. As such, this character reflects the American spirit, which is based on independence.  Besides, it is striking to note that Theresa has developed this independence despite living in a harsh condition.

Theresa demonstrates the American Spirit by exhibiting the freedom to express her emotions and love. Despite being a woman who is strict in her views and principles, Theresa manages to display her other side, which is characterized by emotions and love. In chapter 1.7 of the novel, Theresa’s ability to express emotion and love is shown when she communicates to Mr. Homer about his past marriage life. At the start of their conversation, Theresa is seen to be strict and unable to listen to Mr. Homer’s opinion about marrying her. Theresa’s harshness was caused by her realization that Mr. Homer was divorced and eve condemned Mr. Homer’s action as cowardly. By challenging the actions of Mr. Homer, Theresa desires to ensure the absolute necessity of Mr. Homer’s divorce to his wife.  However, as the two continued to talk, Theresa opened up to the discussion and even asked Mr. Homer to tell about his past. Her ability to express love and emotions is shown when she tells Mr. Homer that she could not judge him for telling her about his past marriage life (Chopin 43). Besides, Theresa’s caring nature is shown when pleads with Mr. Homer to correct his mistake by re-marrying his wife and attempting to reform her mistakes. In relation to this, most of Theresa’s reaction to Mr. Homer can be taken as her comprehension of what it could imply for their positions to be interchanged or reversed. Towards the end of their conversation Theresa is seen to fall in love with Mr. Homer. This observation also signifies irony as the readers does not expect Theresa to fall in love with Mr. Homer in relation to her reaction at the start of their conversation.

As a character with the American spirit, Theresa possesses a robust sense of motivation to excel in life. In the novel, Chopin proves this statement by claiming that Theresa had not attained the age of thirty-five without realizing the life presents several hindrances, which should be embraced whether with the heartlessness or of philosophy, the dignity of self-respect or the revolt of weakness. In relation to this, Theresa is revealed as a character that is prepared to face the challenges of life in many ways. This is the American spirit which is vital for one’s survival life. Theresa represents the American spirit, which is ready to face the hurdles of life as they come and emerge successful. Theresa’s willingness to overcome her life’s challenges is shown when she turns down Mr. Homer’s marriage proposal to her (Russell 13). She does this regardless of what might befall her as she is prepared to handle the outcomes of her actions. As such, Theresa demonstrates the American spirit of standing for what is right regardless of the outcomes of such a stand. It is ironical to see Theresa rejecting the marriage proposal of a person of Mr. Homer’s state. In the real sense, the reader expects Theresa to seize this opportunity and use it as means of excelling in life. However, Theresa fails to seize this chance and hopes to face life the hard way via her struggle. Chopin manages to reveal this by incorporating the aspect of imagery in that Theresa could not accept Mr. Homer’s proposal even at the price of happiness. Therefore, Theresa has an inborn motivation that an individual can excel in life without depending on other people. As such, this character succeeds in displaying the American spirit, which makes her uniquely American. Besides, Theresa manages to demonstrate the American spirit by being a successful entrepreneur (Russell 16). She succeeds in managing the plantation that she acquired from her husband.

In conclusion, in Kate Chopin’s novel “At Fault”, Theresa Lafirme acts as perfect representation of the unique American spirit. As one of the main characters in the novel, she manages to display the American spirit by being independent in her thoughts and actions, expressing her love and emotions freely, and demonstrating a high sense of motivation to excel in life despite facing several challenges. These aspects make this character uniquely American in the novel.

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Chopin, Kate. At Fault. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, 2007. Print.

Russell, David. “A Vision of Reunion: Kate Chopin’s “At Fault’.”  Southern Quarterly 46(2008): 8-25. Print.

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