With Digital Transformation Comes Disruption

With Digital Transformation Comes Disruption In chapter 2 of the textbook, the authors discussed the alignment of IT strategy with the business strategy.

With Digital Transformation Comes Disruption
With Digital Transformation Comes Disruption

In the assigned article “With Transformation Comes Disruption”, Carson (2017) writes “The digital business transformation has brought about a massive shift encompassing business activities, processes, and competencies affecting every aspect of how we connect, communicate, and get work done. However, the digital business transformation is not just about technology. It’s about speed, efficiency, data, and knowing more, faster. The pace at which the business integrates digital technology now formulates its competitive advantage; leveraging digital technologies to drive productivity, efficiency, and innovation has become the number one business imperative”. Digital technology is the biggest change agent of the business world today. Mobile technology, social media, cloud computing, embedded devices, big data, and analytics have radically changed the nature of work and competition. And digital innovations will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Technology has tremendous potential to be the engine of increasing human, organizational, and economic prosperity. However, digital technology is not a true story. Digital transformation is. Fulfilling technology’s potential will require leaders to re-think their business strategy. Digital transformation is, therefore, a key managerial imperative for today’s business leaders. So, are managers equipped – in terms of skills, competencies, and courage to lead a digital transformation? Why or why not?

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