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Women's History
                        Women’s History

Women’s History

Write a two page essay using the two articles (Tobin Leesa E. “Ford as First Lady: A Woman for Women”) and (Chanley Virginia A. “The First Lady as Presidential Advisor, Policy Advocate, and Surrogate: Rosalynn Carter and the Political Role of the First Lady”)
Cite the articles when making your argument.
Answer these questions in the essay
1. How are the first ladies Ford and Carter a reflection of their time?
2. How are they similar and how are they different?
3. What effect did they have on American culture at the time?

First ladies are among the most important political actors in the White House. Historically, first ladies have had more contact with presidents than any other member of the administration. As trusted presidential advisors, these women have lobbied on behalf of specific projects, groups, and policies; participated in staffing decisions and controlled
access to the president; and shaped the policy agenda.

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