World Architecture and Reflective Practice

World Architecture and Reflective Practice Kenneth Frampton’s article, Critical Regionalism: modern architecture and cultural identity, (attached), outlines a series of seven categories (page 327) by which he attempts to understand this phenomenon.

World Architecture and Reflective Practice and Analyzing the Model Forms and Frameworks

Using Frampton’s framework as a basis, analyze in text and model form one of the following buildings, keeping in mind the following criteria:
Who are the actors and agents in the process of creating new identities through architecture and what are their roles?

World Architecture and Reflective Practice
World Architecture and Reflective Practice

What are the patterns and criteria for distinguishing the “own” from the “foreign” in architecture?
What are the specific architectural themes and elements that are used to transfer the notion of identity?
Which are “internal” and “external” factors that influence the making of local identity?
Can these patterns be generalized or are they locally/regionally specific?
Is the concept of “critical regionalism” an appropriate tool to explain the processes of building an identity in developing countries?

World Architecture and Reflective Practice and Social Transformation

Are the newly created identities short-term results of a long-term process of social transformation?
What is the value of geographic “location” in building new identities or restoring old ones? Using the work of one of the following architects,
a) Jorn Utzon
b) J.M. Coderch
c) Alvaro Siza
d) Luis Barragan
e) Oscar Niemeyer
f) Carlos Raul Villanueva g) Geoffrey Bawa
h) Rafael Moneo
i) Vittorio Gregotti
j) Peter Zumthor
k) Aurelio Galfetti
l) Tadao Ando
j) Sigurd Lewerentz
k) Gunnar Asplund
Review the seven points and discuss how each of those points is reflected in the architect’s work. Be specific about the examples using plans and
illustrations. The paper should be ten double-spaced pages long and should include a bibliography. All the illustrations should be scanned unto your paper
and should be submitted in a CD as well. Correct your paper using available programs such as Spell-Check.

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