World Civilization on European Dominance and Nationalism

World Civilization on European Dominance and Nationalism There are TWO SECTIONS/QUESTIONS TO THIS ESSAY. Each section/question needs to be 500 words, so a total of at least 1,000 for both.

World Civilization on European Dominance and Nationalism
World Civilization on European Dominance and Nationalism
  1. European Dominance (500 WORDS)

Throughout the whole semester, we discussed Western European influence/dominance over various regions across the world.

Europeans often refer to this dominance as the “white man’s burden.” First, explain “the white man’s burden concept” and its origin. Second, through a discussion of major events, explain from the native population’s perspective how they were influenced and reacted to the European influence and dominance. What happened in each of these countries/regions and how did they handle it: European influence? Provide explicit examples and be detailed with names, places, and dates. Finally, in your conclusion explain if you think that this influence/dominance had any lasting effects.

  1. Nationalism (500 WORDS)

In the end of the semester the concept of nationalism became a key topic. First explain and define its origin and influence on the 19th century. Give two or three major examples of its evolution in the 19th century. Second, in detail describe the influence of nationalism on the 20th century. List and discuss all major events that occurred in the 20th century that were affected by nationalism, starting with WWI and ending with decolonization. Be specific: fully describe events, places, names, and dates. Finally, in your conclusion describe how much importance was placed on nationalism in those two centuries. Was it the number one reason/cause for disputes, wars, and genocide?

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