World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper The two articles needed for this essay are attached.

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper
World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

Task: Write a comparative position paper on the problem of famine and world hunger.

Readings: Peter Singer, The Life you can save, pp.648-661Onora OíNeil, ìA Kantian approach to World Hungerî pp.677-682

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

Length: 1900-2100 words. You should aim for the ideal of 1900 words. Less is more. Strive for precision and clarity. See Guidelines for Critical Summaries for an explanation of the general task of exegesis.

Paraphrasing paragraph by paragraph is not the correct approach.

Your essay should give a clear and full exegesis of each authorís main argument.

This exegesis should demonstrate an understanding of the underlying problem of famine and the various options for resolving those issues according to Singer and OíNeil.

This should be done by considering objections and counterarguments to each authorís position, and by comparing the merits/flaws of Singerís arguments as compared with OíNeilsí arguments. In addition, your essay must demonstrate progress in your own thinking about the problem.

You are required to open with a strong introduction and in the body of your paper, you should, (a) clearly formulate and explain each authorís account of the proper moral response to the problem of famine and poverty in the world.

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

What is Singerís conclusion? What is OíNeilís conclusion?

(b) give the main argument or arguments used to support each authorís conclusion

(c) state as clearly and forcefully as you can the main objections which might be raised, and compare the acceptability of the competing accounts.

and (d) Explain why you agree with either set of arguments, or perhaps with neither.

In doing (a) – (d) you are expected to draw specific arguments from the READINGS, explain those arguments in your own words, critically assess the arguments and make clear why you are supporting the position you choose concerning the extent of our moral obligations toward those who are in need.

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

It is intended that you should undertake and complete this assignment based on your

own reading of the relevant article, your notes and any class discussion that is relevant.

Thus you are not expected or required to consult secondary sources.

Nevertheless, if you choose to consult secondary material, either books, articles or internet sources, you must acknowledge all use of secondary materials and include all of the apparatus appropriate to a research paper.

You must include a bibliography and appropriate footnotes. If you use internet sources without acknowledging doing so, you will be guilty of an academic offense and you will be found out.

World Hunger and Poverty Comparative Position Paper

You should design your essay for an audience of people who are of roughly your own degree of education and intellectual development, but who have not done the readings or attended the course. In other words, write for a cold audience.

Begin with a clear, concise and well-organized introductory paragraph which outlines the main points and objectives of your paper. You should strive for a clear and simple writing style throughout your paper.

Make sure that you explain your use of philosophical terminology. Try to organize your essay so that each part of it builds up a defense of your position.

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