Writing a Program Software Application

Writing a Program Software Application The first step in writing a software application is to determine the requirements. There is no value in writing a program that does not address the needs of the client.

Writing a Program Software Application
Writing a Program Software Application

Requirements can be gathered in many ways, but ultimately, the requirements serve to document what the application should and should not do. After the requirements are written, the application design can be prepared, followed by the actual coding. For this project, you will gain some practice in the design phase of software development by designing a program that will meet a given set of requirements.

In this assignment, you will develop a console program that simulates a restaurant menu. The project instructions are as follows:

Program Requirements:

Each item on the menu must have a different price.

Your menu must define at least 10 different items.

Program Requirements:

Display the menu to the user.

Allow the user to select an item from the menu. (Record the selection in a variable.)

Once the user has selected an item, ask them how many they want (quantity). (Record the quantity in a variable.)

Calculate the total. (Sales tax is not included in this exercise.)

Ask the user to enter the amount of their payment. (Record this amount in a variable.)

Subtract the order total from the payment amount and present any remainder on screen as the customer’s “change”.

Remind the program operator to thank the customer for their patronage.

Remember to test your program fully to ensure that all functions operate correctly.

Documentation Requirements:

Create a document in Word and add the following:

Title page

Course number and name

Project name

Student name


List the data items that must be stored and used by the program. Each data item should be given a name for reference. Create a diagram that illustrates where this data comes from (such as “selected by the user,” “entered by the user,” “item name from menu,” “price from menu,” etc.) and how it is handled by your program (what happens to that data).

List the decisions the program must make. References to the data items in the previous step should be used where appropriate.

Describe the flow of operation of the program so that a potential user can understand how it works. All key activities should be included, and references to the data items and decisions listed in the previous steps should be used.

Project deliverables are as follows:

Create a ZIP file that includes:

Project folder containing your Java program (see Program Requirements above).

Word document (see Documentation Requirements above).

Upload your ZIP file to the course portal.

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