Writing the Rough Draft and APA Formatting

Drafting and Revising – Writing the Rough Draft and APA Formatting

The writing process -drafting
In Week 2 you worked on finding a topic, brainstorming, writing a thesis statement, and gathering evidence in support of your thesis statement. These are all components of prewriting leading up to your Final Product due in Week 4.
From your work in week 2 you should have a basic outline for your Writing the Rough Draft and APA Formatting paper that you will turn into a rough or first draft. The rough draft is the first version of your essay. This is the time to try out new ideas, and see what works best for what you want to accomplish in this writing piece.
Here is a suggested sequence for writing the first draft, taken from chapter 6 of the eBook. Process Diagram: Writing a Draft (pg. 58).
• Write the introduction to your paper. The introduction must include the thesis statement. This is an important part of the paper. This is where you clearly state what your paper is about and your stand on the topic.
• Write other paragraphs in the essay’s body.
•Write a conclusion. The conclusion must be strong and not leave the reader hanging, like at the end of a bad movie.
•Now put your rough draft into the APA format.

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