1956 Suez Crisis Essay Assignment

1956 Suez Crisis
                             1956 Suez Crisis

1956 Suez Crisis

Question: To what extent did the 1956 Suez Crisis both undermine and damage Britain’s International reputation? 2000 words.

what was the position of the Soviet Union on Suez crisis?

I will give you some sources too, this source should including your own sources, thanks.

An Introduction (where you define key terms, briefly set out what you understand the question is asking, and indicate how your essay will answer the question) (This essay will, This essay intends to, The discussion will indicate, etc).

A Main Body (containing both descriptive and argumentative/analytical paragraphs) which link in smoothly with each other (see section on Linking Words later).

A Conclusion (where you summarise the content of your essay, drawing attention to any main points/arguments). You can also use the conclusion to give your own perspective, but you must be careful: remember to retain a neutral writing style (It can be argued, One can suggest, etc) (no I think, In my opinion, I reckon, I feel, etc!). Moreover, the conclusion is not the place to introduce brand new information.

Clear Evidence of an Objective Approach: Do not be too subjective and opinionated. Your own personal position/perspective should NOT take over or hi-jack the essay! Objectivity is, of course, often a contentious area in the Social Sciences (e.g. read John Tosh: The Pursuit of History), BUT demonstrating the ability to be as objective as is reasonably possible is particularly important for a historian. Do NOT be polemical or show emotion (e.g. anger, disgust, humour, etc). You should, by now, have the confidence and ability to stand back, analyse dispassionately and view things with relative neutrality. Your writing style will help here (It has been argued, The evidence suggests, Historians have claimed, It may be the case that, etc).

ï A Mature Awareness of Complexities: Demonstrate that you are aware that answers are not always clear-cut. State clearly (if appropriate) why there may be difficulties in coming to a firm conclusion one way or another.

Some Caution: Historical writing should sound cautious. Historians often indicate that they are aware that nothing is completely certain. They employ.

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