A Concept of Rhetorical Public Address

A Concept of Rhetorical Public Address

You are required to post items to the course online discussion forum that add value to the topic that is covered that week linking theory to real world examples. You will have three open discussion postings during the semester (Check syllabus calendar for when Open Discussion Postings will be due). •Find & Post (or post a link to) a concept of Rhetorical Public Address (photo, short video, brief piece of writing, song, etc — that no one else in class has posted to the blog yet) related to this weeks chapter(s).

A Concept of Rhetorical Public Address
Rhetorical Public Address

No two posts can be identical. •Analyze the object according to requirements for the week. •Make a connection to the readings, videos or recordings for the week. •Posts will be made in the discussions forum. •Each post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length. •You must respond to at least 1 other student post.

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