A Life for a Life Film and Animal Factory

A Life for a Life Film and Animal Factory Students will be required to complete a four page paper, excluding the title page, which compares and contrasts the book, A Life for a Life and the film, Animal Factory.

A Life for a Life Film and Animal Factory
A Life for a Life Film and Animal Factory

The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 1" margins in Times New Roman,
12 point font. Can not be more than five pages. Sat on the shelf gathering dust since its UK debut at the 2001 London Film Festival, Steve Buscemi’s directorial follow-up to the wonderful “Trees Lounge” is a prison movie with a difference.
Based on the hardboiled novel by Edward Bunker – a real life villain turned writer/actor who Buscemi met shooting “Reservoir Dogs” – it stars Edward Furlong as fresh-faced dope dealer Ron, who’s banged up for a ten year stretch in a ferocious state penitentiary.

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