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A rental system
                  A rental system

A rental system

As for progress report 2, the following sections are required:
1) Planning phase:
(a) Technical Feasibility (discuss available hardware and software required to develop the desired system, specifications, functionality, versions, compatibility, and others).

(b) Financial Feasibility (also called budgeting). You need here to develop the Cost Benefit Analysis. On an Excel sheet or another software, determine the costs (one time and running costs), and benefits (tangible and intangible), and then do the comparison. The excel sheet should present the Net Present Value, Break Even Point, and the Return on Investment).

(c) Time Feasibility (also called Scheduling). Here you need to use MS Project to develop Gantt Chart and PERT Diagram, and illustrate the task activities, duration, predecessors, milestones, task details and resources). By showing PERT diagram, th slack time, slack path, and critical nodes should be identified.

Analysis Phase:
(a) Requirements gathering. You need to discuss the types of requirements (functional, non functional, …) to discuss them with the reference of your project.
(b) Process modeling: creating Context diagram and Data Flow Diagram.
(c) Data Modeling: creating the Entity Relationship Diagram (and the Enhanced of necessary).
(d) Decision modeling: by using structured English,
Decision Table and Decision Tree.

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