A very hard poem Research paper available

A very hard poem
A very hard poem

A very hard poem

A very hard poem

I need a very descriptive poem wrote it is for a social experiment/ treasure hunt per say the poem need a middle school difficulty and then on to the difficulty that maybe 1 in 1000 could actually find where the last clue of the poem would lead them. I will give you the places and the objects that will house the locations I need them to find. If you go to google search and type Forest Fenns treasure hunt you will find a million different sites and also his poem that includes the hints to his treasure hunt this is what I am looking for. Please tell me if you would like to proceed (SIDE NOTE I WILL POST THIS ASSIGNMENT 4 ADDITIONAL TIMES BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE MULTIPLE CHOICES PAYING EACH OF YOUR FEES AND THE ONE, I CHOOSE AN ADDITIONAL great size sum and recognition on our website) You can always check back with me who it was no worries. I do own a company we are getting off the ground so that you do not think this is some
kind of scam our website (it’s still under construction is Pic-OlOgy.com)

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