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ABC Costing
ABC Costing

ABC Costing

ABC Costing

The emphasis in this assignment is on the application of ABC principles to a real-life situation. Provide practical solutions to the partners. -You
don�t have to tell them what to do, but you do need to identify alternative courses of action from which the partners can choose. -Please change
the text highlighted in blue from theory to actual evaluation/ analysis of the scenario. -in thes second document please reword the txt highlighted in red
but in your own words! -no need to do the calculation and introduction as i have done it for you. -reference more journals change the theory to analysis.
relate it to the scenarios.use these points but relate it to scenario its a memo, mention cost per hour -how is the patient related cost for an individual
determined -recommendation- mention recommendation to move from activity based costing to abc. =recommend to change its price to secure good profit margin by
setting the prices in advance with the amount of resources consumed by each patient recommendation 3 will the price rise have an effect on patients using the
services. if it doesnt then could be possible to increase the prices. -also consider resource cost reduction -85% occupancy rate recommendation- Mention the
figures are based on 66% occupancy to get to 85% is quite high.The daily rate would be reduced. The company had used 66% if they increase it to 85% this will
have areal effect on the the activities of the members and clients. Also the absorption costs will end up going up. the proposed increase would be a good
idea however Why?? Increased occupancy has long term benefits and increased periods

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