Adam Smith and Karl Marx Research Assignment

Adam Smith and Karl Marx
                 Adam Smith and Karl Marx

Adam Smith and Karl Marx

Adam Smith and Karl Marx describe opposing views of industrial capitalism. These scholars which we study in this class represent 18th and 19th Century viewpoints of Western capitalism. It has of course evolved much since then. We now live in an age of globalization where the capitalists, or owners, as Marx described them can be millions of different people. Many of us are self-employed and in such a way perhaps our own exploiters. We now live in a gig economy where employment is becoming all too loose a relationship, and the exploiters and the exploited are changing rapidly.

How did we get to this 21st Century economy? Which events covered by this class were the most influential and why did they have an impact. Describe to what extent and why the Reformation and the Enlightenment are still relevant today or if you take the position that they are not why? How are we still affected by events that happened several hundred years ago?

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