ADHD in the Classroom Essay Assignment

ADHD in the Classroom
               ADHD in the Classroom

ADHD in the Classroom
Assignment: ADHD in the Classroom: The Teacher’s Role

Directions: First, please read the assignment document as it will direct you to the article that you need to read and which sections of the article are relevant to this assignment. When you are finished answering the questions below, either copy and paste the entire grid into the submission box or attach a Word document to the assignment item (whichever works better on your computer).

Questions Responses
Your Name:
1. What is the three-pronged strategy required for the overall success instruction of students with ADHD? (bullet/summary answers are fine)

2. What must you keep in mind when working with students with ADHD?

3. What are the three components of a successful program for students with ADHD?

4. You are a social studies teacher about to introduce a lesson about maps. What are three (3) things you can do to help your student with ADHD during this phase of the lesson?

5. We know that periods of transition between classes or lessons can be particularly difficult for students with ADHD. What can you do to help your students with ADHD?

6. During your lesson (conducting) on the solar system, describe three (3) instructional activities that you could do that will help facilitate the learning of a student with ADHD.

7. Why would an abrupt end to a lesson be hard for a student with ADHD? What can you do to conclude a lesson smoothly?

8. You have assigned homework in relations to your study of the solar system. What are two (2) things you can do to ensure that the homework gets done?

9. During your lesson, your student with ADHD is working with a team of other students to complete a 3D model of the food pyramid. As you circulate around the room, what behavioral strategies can you use to help your student to be productive with his group? List out four (4)

10. You are really a fabulous teacher and you have designed your physical learning environment to support student learning. Describe two (2) features of your learning environment that help students with ADHD learn.

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