AFH Colonization of the African Continent

AFH Colonization of the African Continent The colonization of the African continent did not happen overnight as a result of one defining event such as the Berlin Conference.

AFH Colonization of the African Continent
AFH Colonization of the African Continent

Rather, the scramble for Africa occurred over decades between 1850 and 1900 and resulted in the gradual loss of the sovereignty of African states to European overrules. How did African rulers and societies understand and respond to colonial conquest?

AFH Colonization of the African Continent Assignment Requirements

For this assignment, write a four to five page (1,000-1,250 words) persuasive essay that explains African perspectives on colonial conquest. In your essay compare the partition of the continent at the Berlin Conference with African resistance to colonialism. Rely on your reading of primary source documents “The Berlin Conference (1885),” “Ndansi Kumalo describes the
defeat of Lobengula and the Ndebele (July-December 1893),” and “African Oral Testimonies about the Maji Maji Uprising of 1905 recorded in the 1960s,” in West Africa a Documentary
History (pgs. 237-238; 266-268 and 273-276; See PDF in the Paper assignment link on Canvas).

AFH Colonization of the African Continent Chapter Reading

Your may also rely on your reading of Chapters 13 and 14 in Africa in World History for the historical context of colonial conquest in sub-Saharan Africa. Do not use any other sources other than those specified here. Remember, you are not to collaborate with others on this assignment.
Collaboration constitutes plagiarism and may result in a failing grade on this assignment or in the course!

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