Agriculture worldwide Essay Assignment

Agriculture worldwide
                     Agriculture worldwide

Agriculture worldwide

– Irrigation has been a major boon to agriculture worldwide. While irrigation can increase crop production in places where water is limiting, as the article suggests, there are downsides. In addition to irrigation, describe 3 additional agricultural “technologies” that have been developed over the centuries of people doing agriculture (which may not necessarily be described in the article) and how they altered the capacity (both positive and negative) to create sustainable agricultural production systems. (25 points)

– What were several drivers of the irrigation development projects described in the story? (5 points)

– What other effects have been already felt due to a warming climate, as evidenced by the article? (10 points)

– The creation of the dam and canals for irrigation had effects that went far beyond the Chavimochic Valley. Describe at least three effects of the projects on the people and two “connections” the water project has affected. (20 points)

– In your opinion, was creation of these dams and associated canals a good idea and why? (5 points)

– Are there other places on Earth where similar projects have been done and where climate change may ultimately affect agricultural production? (10 points)

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