Akash tablet Assignment

Examine the Akash tablet that was introduced to India and discuss its impact upon the concept of the digital divide.

New Aakash tablet to be launched on November 11 with Android 4.0 and SIM  card slot
Akash tablet

What are the pros and cons? What ethical issues are brought forward in this process?


Provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis by correctly applying 2 or more ethical theories. Demonstrates theory application using 4 or more specific examples for each theory.

Akash tablet

There are a total of 10 references using MLA style and in-text citations, including 6 or more scholarly journal references, with a minimum of 8 references from Anne Arundel Community College Library databases and no more than 2 print references. https://libguides.aacc.edu/az.php here’s the link to the database.

There are a wide variety of sources and none are from the Internet.

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