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Album Analysis
Album Analysis

Album Analysis

While you are listening to the album “The Roots” make notes about the following questions. How is the album organized? What is different about this album from other albums? What does the album represent? What do various lyrics in the song represent? How do The Roots demonstrate personal responsibility? How do The Roots demonstrate social responsibility?
Track Listing
1. “Theme from the Middle of the Night
2. “Never”
3. “When the People Cheer”
4. “The Devil”
5. “Black Rock”
6. “Understand”
7. “Dies Irae”
8. “The Coming”
9. “The Dark (Trinity)”
10. “The Unraveling”
11. “Tomorrow”

After you take notes on these issues, think about your discussion board post. Writing is a process, and should not simply answer the above questions. This is where critical thinking and communication are important. Structure an argument about the album with a thesis statement. Then use each paragraph in the post to support your argument. Your argument should be related back to ideas from the course (think about representation, social construction, power, discourse, etc.).

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