All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer

All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer  Order Instructions: All Animals are Equal by P. Singer

All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer
All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer

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Citation: Singer, P. (1989). All animals are equal. In T. Regan & P. Singer (Eds.) Animal rights and human obligations (pp. 148- 162) [Acrobat Reader version]. Retrieved from,Spr07/singer.pdf

In your written component of the Final Project, you will analyze an argument in relation to a specific issue. Then, you will respond to that argument by providing a counterargument
Complete the steps below based on your chosen argument:

Step One: Evaluate the Argument

a. Identify the issue that is addressed in the argument.
b. Explain the argument and identify the premises and conclusions.
c. Evaluate the argument.
o If the argument has a deductive component, is it valid and sound? Why?
o If the argument has an inductive component, is it strong or weak? Why?
o Remember that arguments often contain both inductive and deductive components. Do your best to identify all the arguments that are used to support the position presented in the piece.

Step Two: Create a Counterargument

a. Create a counterargument to the original argument.
o Present premises that support your own position while also pointing out the weaknesses inherent in the original argument. Avoid the use of fallacious reasoning and anecdotal evidence.
o If you are using inductive arguments, make sure that they are strong. If you are using deductive arguments, make sure that they are valid and attempt to provide sound premises.
o Use factual evidence and/or logical support from at least three scholarly sources to support your argument.
o This might require you to play “devil’s advocate.” Remember that you do not need to agree with the position for which you argue. You may need to take on an opposing position to your own personal view and argue from that position. Critical thinkers are able to take on opposing perspectives and identify the strongest arguments from those perspectives.


All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer Evaluation

Equality in the social setting is viewed in terms of equal rights that are acceptable to the global society. The hindrance of equality is always based on prejudice that affects every community in a particular direction to undermine equality. The oppressed groups have in recent years come up in campaigns for freedom and acceptance in the society. The liberal movement started with race in which black were alienated from the society especially in the developed countries. Moreover, the progressive movement has propelled past racism to other platforms such as gender equality, Spanish –American movements, gay campaign and discrimination based on sex. This kind of discrimination is practiced in all societies of both rich and poor, developed and underdeveloped countries and even within people of the same tribe (Singer, 2007).

If anything should be learned from the movement, one thing that should be taught is how difficult it is to be aware of prejudice in our attitudes to a specific or particular group until the bias is pointed out. Liberal movement pushes for expansion of moral horizons or reinterpretation of moral principles of equality. Unjustifiable prejudice results to seeing practices that are regarded previously as natural and inevitable. None in the society can confidently state that his actions and perceptions are beyond criticism. This is because the attitude is cultivated in the mind; therefore, there is the need to re-think on fundamental beliefs t have a mental switch in respect to practices and position. The idea of “The Rights of Animals” is has been used in relation to women’s rights cases. However, the idea has been viewed as absurd and refuted by Thomas Taylor, who reasons that the idea can be carried one stage further. If the idea is applicable to women, why can’t it be applicable to other sectors of the society that are experiencing discrimination since the argument used by women applies to the other spheres?

When the idea is focused on all human beings, then it gives a broader perspective that reveals numerous equality issues. One might have the view of equality to mean equality of different races and sexes. Even though human differs in different ways as individuals, the difference between races and sexes is minimal. The mere fact of color or gender has minimal inference on the individual besides the false thoughts of superiority complex between individuals. The same view would be stated by proponents of sexism in that the ability of a person is no guide to his sex, and this reveals why discrimination based on sex is unjustifiable (Tobler, 2005). This provides the line of objection to discrimination against sex and race that is being experienced globally.

Factual equality cannot be based on opposition to sexism and racism and limited abilities and capabilities asserted in variations is the un-guaranteed evenly distributions of these capabilities without regard to sex and race. The differences measurable between sexes and races are available to certain levels. These differences are not specific to line with genetic endowment and their effects toward environmental differences that result from continuing and past discriminations. The violation of the principle of equality by racist is created by giving more weight to the interest of his race and its members. When there is a clash of interests between two races or groups, then the specialist provide more interest compelled to members of his species. The perception is inborn and hugely developed through mutual connection from childhood and that injected in the mind as one grows.

All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer Counterargument

The aspect of social justice might be viewed as a component of society that can be handling in the theoretically, applied policies and championing for equality. However, the proponents of the equality are the people who are best placed to understand the actual effects and influence on self-esteem that is caused by discrimination. Many social groups that campaign for the equality in the society is tailored on personal gains. A number of organizations formed by prominent people in the society create an avenue to distribute money to activist in order to gain from the entire project. The prejudice idea in the society is used negatively for personal gains undermining the fundamentally intended objective that is beneficial to the whole society. This strategy kills the entire idea of equality especially to the small class in the society creating a gap in the entire process (Whitley & Kite, 2010).

Prejudice, as connected to discrimination, needs to be handled solely in line with the essential components that creates moral ethics of individual within the society. The perception created on sex and races is not an issue that crops up in human mind thereby being viewed on the onset as variations on capabilities and abilities. It is a notion that has been cultivated in the mind through various medium and a common perception fixed without literal teaching but mental analysis. The idea of whites being more superior to the black is brought about to a greater extent in connection with the religious teachings in which depicts Jesus with all his high ethically moral qualities as a white man. This makes the society view white man as intellect, wise and morally upright thereby adapting any idea from this race. On the other had the vices of the society and bad moral are associated with the devil who is always portrayed as black. This is a negative perception that also influenced the view of the society in the same context.

The prejudice created in the society that influences the degree of discrimination in nature by the society through various mediums. The discrimination that I practiced in various spheres is in existence due to wrong strategic approach and influences that have no primary objective in mind. Xenophobia has been cultivated in the human minds from early childhood stage rooting discrimination to deeper personal and individual perspective. Issues of health such as being HIV positive might be openly viewed as none discriminated but in the deeper analysis one realizes that the limitation of contact with the sick person in the understanding that one can be affected make the unaffected person somehow superior that the affected (Nelson, 2009). The idea boils down to the selfish human mind that value individualism more than communalism. The value of importance is pegged on personal gains but not communal gains.

This perception is anchored deep in the mind determines the way one values the other person in the society which in-turn determines the relationship that is generated based on the developed perception. The perception is developed by the view in relation to what is socially acceptable and what is morally good or bad. The socially acceptable things are practiced to create the public image in which tries to cover up the real individual intention under the guidance of policies and laws. However, the morally good or bad perceptions are practiced both in public mentally or practically in one on one meet. The moral setting an understanding in the mind determines the discrimination perception in either platform. Equality of all human beings must dissect and remove all manners of discrimination that is merely impossible in the current generations or the ones to come.

Bibliography For All Animals are Equal Argument by P Singer

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