Alzheimer’s disease progresses Case study

Alzheimer’s disease progresses Case study
Alzheimer’s disease progresses Case study

Alzheimer’s disease progresses Case study

Answer the following case studies in a 1-2 page writing assignment, APA format referencing the text and at least 1 additional source.

Chapter 14 Case Study
Nadine is a white woman aged 77 years who has lived independently since the death of her physician husband 17 years ago. About two years ago her family and friends began to notice signs of her cognitive decline: difficulty completing sentences, difficulty with ordering events in time, inability to remember events of the day before, slowed motor behavior, and a seeming lack of engagement with people in social intercourse. But she still insisted on driving her car. About a year ago, Nadine visited her doctor, telling him that she was depressed over the recent deaths of several close friends and family members. Her doctor prescribed a succession of antidepressants for her: she would take an antidepressant for several days, complain about the side effects of the medication, and then ask her doctor to put her on another brand of antidepressant. This “medication hopping” went on for a year, and Nadine showed no improvement in her mood, but she lost about 20 pounds from her already-thin frame because she didn’t feel like eating. The most pressing problem, her son and daughter agreed, was getting Nadine to eat an adequate and nutritious diet. Bringing food over to her house and leaving it with her didn’t help; she would seldom eat what was brought to her.

Nadine’s son and daughter grew increasingly frustrated with their mother’s refusal to eat a balanced diet and take her medications as directed by her doctor. What she didn’t tell her family was that she had a CAT scan four years before that showed cellular degeneration and shrinkage in her brain; this was followed by another CAT scan last year (and an MRI, too) that showed even more cellular degeneration and brain shrinkage. This information was revealed to Nadine’s family during their visit with a psychiatrist specializing in gerontology. On the basis of these brain images and a series of cognitive tests, the psychiatrist diagnosed Nadine with mild or early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, saying that she was about four years into the disease process and that her still being able to live independently was a consequence of her high intelligence, but that she didn’t have much time left to live independently.

Nadine’s family will soon have to plan for Nadine’s future care and living accommodations. Please visit these Web sites and the information from CHAPTER 14 and these sources, answer the following question:

1. What does the future hold for Nadine and her family as the Alzheimer’s disease progresses?

Chapter 15 Case Study
Jerome and Leona are on debate teams in their Lifespan psychology class and they have been asked to research information on physician assisted suicide for an upcoming class debate.They locate several reliable websites (shown below) that give them important information on the past and current history on physician assisted suicide in the United States, and the pros and cons of this controversial issue.

After reading the information, Jerome is furious that this practice is legal in some states.He is concerned that it is morally wrong and that it will have a negative impact on people who are the most vulnerable, such as the disabled and poor who may not be able to afford long-term care.
On the other hand, Leona is passionate about the rights of the individual. She feels strongly that this law should be legal in every state because “people should have the right to die.”

Examine the websites below that Jerome and Leona found. Using supporting information from the section on Physician-assisted suicide in Chapter 15 in the textbook, and supporting information from these websites, write your response in 3 concise paragraphs:

1stparagraph in support of Jerome’s argument,

2nd paragraph in support of Leona’s argument, and a

3rd paragraph briefly sharing your opinion on this issue and why.

Jerome and Leona’s websites on Physician assisted suicide:

Brief History

Pros and Cons

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