4 full pages with a good amount of citations and reference link on page 5

You may need to do research for the following essay.
Please cite your sources using MLA or APA style (Here is a helpful guide:
Please make a references page at the end of the essay.
The references page does not count toward the 3-4 pages (double spaced).
You need to have a minimum of 3-4 pages of ESSAY CONTENT. If your essay is 2.5 pages it will be UNACCEPTABLE.
Type your essay! Times New Roman font, 12 point font, 1-inch margins all around, and page numbers (top right-hand corner).
In-text citations are REQUIRED.
Minimum of TWO scholarly and academic sources (you may also use the text as one of them).
No blogs, no Wikipedia, no Sparknotes, no Cliffnotes, no unrelated opinions.
Answer ALL the question(s).


Consider how the government is important in your daily life.
For example, our alarm clocks are powered by electricity provided by a public utility. Our shower water comes from a municipal water system, our breakfast foods are safe because of governmental inspections.
Think about what you do from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep. Think about a typical day in your life. Before you write your essay, perhaps make a timetable of what you do every hour.

Write an essay, 750 to 1000 words (i.e., 3 to 4 pages) that address all the ways you encounter the government on a daily/frequent basis.

For each item, answer how is that experience related to the government and why is it relevant.

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