American healthcare system Essay Assignment

American healthcare system
American healthcare system

American healthcare system

Discussion Questions

Answer each question in at least paragraph.

Question 1: Your textbook says “Medical care … [is] a ‘market failure,’ in that it does not obey the classic laws of the market economy such as supply and demand.”

In your opinion, what features of the American healthcare system contribute to this “market failure”?

Question 2: In recent decades, lots of hospitals have been closed or merged with other health care entities. An increasing number of hospitals are run by for-profit businesses. Even the traditional non-profit hospital must pay careful attention to the bottom line. In some countries, hospitals are owned by the government. What do you think should be the role of state and federal governments in ensuring a strong American hospital system?

Question 3: Based on your viewing of Sick Around the World, were their some aspects of the highlighted health care systems that you particularly liked (or disliked)?

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