American new wave Essay Paper Available

American new wave
American new wave

American new wave

The new Hollywood between late 1960’s to late 70’s. what are the characteristics of the movement what lead to it who were some of the directors that
influenced that era. Did this films connect with the audiences?

New generations of filmmakers were able to express their visual ideas on film. Classical Hollywood was declining and rapidly losing money, studios also being sold out to large corporations without any firm knowledge of filmmaking. Studios were merely making films for commercial success, yet for directors of Old Hollywood, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, John Ford, Orson Welles, and Charlie Chaplin (who were able to make their art despite Hollywood’s satisfaction) wanted desperately to engage the younger generation to keep making films and encourage them not endured the high profit commercialism that was dominating Hollywood.

The American New Wave featured films that shocked the sensibilities of studios and audiences alike. The movement ended abruptly, and draws skepticism among viewers today.

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