American Political System Assignment

American Political System Assignment For this assignment, you will provide an answer to the following question:
What single change to the American political system would, in your opinion, have the most positive impact for average citizens?

American Political System Assignment
American Political System Assignment

Example: abolishing the Electoral College, term limits for members of Congress, a balanced budget amendment, a system to end gerrymandering, raising the national minimum wage, etc.

American Political System Assignment Guidelines

Strong papers will include sources from reliable outside sources and should be 3-4 pages double-spaced.
The major components of your paper should include:
A description of the change you are proposing.
Why you think this change will have a positive impact on the lives of all Americans.
What types of people or groups might support your proposal?
What obstacles you think your proposal might encounter from inside or outside of government.
What arguments might opponents of your proposal raise?
You might also consider whether or not a movement in support of your proposal has existed previously and why it was ultimately unsuccessful. Why might your proposal succeed where others had failed? What would you do differently in pursuing it?

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