American Racism Essay Assignment Paper

American Racism
                           American Racism

American Racism

A former Attorney General of the United States has stated recently that Americans are generally cowards when it comes to discussing race in America. Let us as Americans thus rise to the challenge. The textbook
presents a number of primary sources that document the experiences of African Americans in United States History (1.6 – Artifact Lens, 1.6 – Economic Lens, 1.6

– Social Lens, 6.5 – Social Lens, 7.4 – Political Lens, 8.4 – Political Lens, 8.4 – Social Lens, 9.4 – Political Lens, 11.3 – Social Lens, 12.4 – Artifact Lens, 12.4 – Political Lens, 12.4

Social Lens, 13.6 – Artifact Lens, 13.6 – Political Lens, 13.6 – Social Lens). Based on these specific sources how could one characterize the historical experiences of African Americans from the Colonial period through Reconstruction? Be sure to refer to the content of these sources as evidence in support of your position.

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