Analyzing Company Financial Statement

Analyzing Company Financial Statement You can select to analyze a company’s financial statement data in the following matter

Analyzing Company Financial Statement
Analyzing Company Financial Statement
  1. A single company data needs to be done (compared) over two years (fiscal or calendar years)
  2. Two companies data needs to be done (compared) for one year (fiscal or calendar year)

When selecting companies analyze, select an industry and firms in which you have an interest for the future employment or to develop practical/the job interview and early work experience once you are hired.

Analyzing Company Financial Statement

Understanding industry economics and company strategies for competing in the industry could be learned by reading and studying the Form 10-K report the firm filed with the SEC (

You are required to put in this project of the following parts

  1. Company’s (company’s background and information
  2. Analysis of Financial Conditions
  3. Income statement
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Statement of Cash flows

4 statement of shareholder equity

5 analysis of Major Ratios

III. Competitors and Competition

  1. Risks and Predictions for the Future
  2. Summaries and Conclusions


VII. Appendices – if any

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