Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization

Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization separate each item with the heading provided please
4-1 Discussion:
Classical Influences Options Menu: Forum Find a work of visual art, architecture, or literature from either Ancient Greece or Rome that appeals to you.

Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization
Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization

Ensure that your choice was created in the time frames identified here. It should not simply be a depiction of something in this time period.
In your initial post, describe where you can see the influence of your work of art in modern and contemporary times. What elements (its style, ideas,
purpose, principles) can we see reflected in the world today, in art or in other areas, including government, philosophy, social structure, and

Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization 4-2 Discussion

The Growth of Christianity Options Menu: Forum Over the last two modules, we have seen Christianity change from the small mystery religion in Roman province
into the dominant and driving religious force in the European world. Think about this transformation. What historical events and figures played a role in
this? Choose one that you feel is most important and discuss in your initial post. If more than two student have chosen this event, please choose another.
Essay 2 pages Overview
The first half of this course has been a story of empires; from Sargon the Great to Augustus, the concept of empire was a prevalent form of state-making in
the Western world. In this assignment, you will analyze three specific aspects of empires and how you’ve seen them at work so far in this course. Your paper
will specifically address the (1) benefits and (2) challenges related to sustaining an empire and (3) how that empire changes the culture of both the
conquerors and the conquered.
These papers are not opinion papers and should not contain your opinion on the events. They should contain your analysis of the topic supported by at least
THREE separate primary sources we explored during this class to provide appropriate perspective on the context of that topic as well as the objectivity of
your analysis. Use specific examples from any of the primary sources throughout the modules to support your analysis. These resources are located within each
module resource folder.
Your paper will also include a works cited section with at least three primary sources to support your analysis.
How Do I Use the Primary Sources to Support My Analysis?
Even if you already examined the source during the module, be sure to re-read the specific source closely. Read it a first time, then a second, and even a
third if necessary.

Ancient Greece or Rome Western Civilization Review

As you review the source, ask yourself these questions:
• Who is the author and what is his or her place in society?
• What is the purpose of the piece? Why was it written?
• What values or ideas are behind the content in the source? How are they different from my own?
• Is the piece credible? Why or why not?
Your analysis will not directly answer all of these questions separately, but the picture that is painted by your answers to these questions is essential in
constructing and supporting your response to the topic as a whole and how you will use the source to support your interpretations.
Refer to the SNHU Shapiro Library History Guide to assist you in researching the author or the period of history in which the source was constructed.
Analysis paper assignments should follow these formatting guidelines: Use of at least three primary sources and secondary sources as needed, 2 to 3 pages
(not including the bibliography section), double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in Turabian format.

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