Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma

Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma Assignment Develop an Annotated Bibliography for Use in Your Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma
Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate progress in compiling research and to indicate a methodology for organizing research sources.

Recommended: Before you begin, review chapters 4ñ6 in A Pocket Style Manual (APA).

Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma

Include the following in your annotated bibliography:

APA citations and annotations for three (3) sources you deem relevant to your problem statement (thesis).

Add these three sources onto your work from last week so that you now have a total of six (6) sources

For each source:

Cite the source in proper APA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by the author as in an APA References page.

Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approximately 3ñ5 sentences). You may quote from the source, but do not copy and paste from the abstract.

In 1 or 2 sentences, explain and evaluate the sourceís relevance and significance to your research.

Annotated Bibliography Hodgkins Lymphoma

Use an academic tone and style.

Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded. Include a copy of your working thesis statement at the top of your assignment submission.

Points 50

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