Anxiety Research Paper Assignment Paper

Anxiety Research Paper
        Anxiety Research Paper

Anxiety Research Paper

A proper introduction includes a thesis statement introducing the topic with a concise, operational definition. Include information about the topic, and offer a research question that you will later inform with existing literature in your literature review. Do NOT include information from your literature review in the introduction. Your introduction introduces the reader to the topic, but a comprehensive literature review comes afterward.


1) An introductory statement stating your topic of interest

2)Clear, operational definitions of your main variables

3)State your research question, based on the topic you introduced and the variables you have identified, what is your question you would want to investigate?

(5) body paragraphs:

Do a literature review in APA style on your research question topic above using 5 journal articles from scholarly journals. Each of the 5 journal articles must discuss some form of experiment. Each source must directly inform your research question! These are the MINIMUM required sources- you may use additional resources, but only the first 5 sources will be marked! When writing the body paragraphs, dedicate one body paragraph to review each source, meaning one paragraph per source.

1) Review the purpose of the study, and the methods the authors used to conduct the study- i.e., what were they investigating and how did they do it? This summary should be brief, outlining who the population was that they looked at (men, women, elderly, etc.), and how they conducted the study (surveys, experiment, etc.). You should summarize this information in your own words.

2)Explain the results of the study- what did the author(s) find and what do these findings mean? This explanation should be written in your own words, without utilizing statistical values (i.e., do not report things like variable A was significantly related to variable B, p = 0.8)

3)State how the findings of this source inform your research question. Meaning, what does it tell you about the research question you have?

Summary paragraph:

1)Summarize your literature review- what have the 5 sources taught you about your research topic and the research question you proposed?

2)Are there any inconsistencies (gaps) in the literature, or are the findings fairly consistent (be specific about where/how the literature is consistent or inconsistent)? In other words, do you see any opportunities or missing pieces? For example, a gap in the literature may be that people only ever studied women. Or results may be inconsistent: some sources report significant results and others report non-significant results. Or is the literature fairly consistent and straightforward about this topic?

3)Summarize the future directions on the research topic that have been suggested by the authors of your sources what would be the next steps to research this topic?


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