Applying the Integrative Model Assignment

Applying the Integrative Model
        Applying the Integrative Model

Applying the Integrative Model

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Applying the Integrative Model

In order to put quantitative research into a larger context, it is helpful to think about how the application of quantitative analysis may inform and shape the path of one’s research. You may recall that research methodology does not begin—nor does it end—with a decision to apply a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods design. In fact, that decision has a pivotal position in the process once predecessor factors, such as the research question and purpose statement, are in place.

The article “An Integrative Model for Teaching Quantitative Research Design,” by Corner, proposes a thought process as well as a staged research agenda. Thinking about your own potential Doctoral Study topic, (The Effects of HRM Practices on Employee Performance) how would you align your thought process with this integrative model? Based upon your reading of the article, does this approach make sense for your Doctoral Study? Why or why not?

Here below is the citation to be use in the reference section of the paper.

Patricia, D. C. (2002). An integrative model for teaching quantitative research design. Journal of Management Education, 26(6), 671. Retrieved from


Applying the Integrative Model

The integrative model will be useful in the meta-analytic process in evaluating of the design elements. The model provides the chance for the refinement of the elements when the need arises. The integrative model is applicable in most management situations as an executive learning process (Patricia, 2002). While carrying out the research about my potential doctoral topic it the alignment of the thoughts towards the integrative model will be essential. Since the models are mostly applicable in the management situations such as the one presented in the topic, it will be very important for adoption in this research topic. Building the knowledge about the topic will be the first approach to the research topic using the integrative model (Patricia, 2002). The creation of hypothesis questions is vital e.g. Do the HRM practices have the positive or negative impact on the performance of employees? What are the main components of the practices with massive impact on the employee performance? These hypothesis questions will be used in investigating more about the topic. The continuous measure will be mainly used during the process of building knowledge. The regression analysis will be mainly used as the technique of analysis when it comes to measuring and determining whether the HRM practices impact employee performance.

Formulation of the hypothesis of will is vital after building knowledge (Maxwell, 2012. The hypothesis for this research will be that HRM practices are positively correlated with the performance of employees. Some of the hypotheses formulated include; Training impacts the training of employees positively.HRM practices are positively correlated with the performance of employees. These are some of the formulated hypotheses used in more investigation about the topic. Development of measures will be essential. Measurement will be made considering the scale or continuous measures (Storbacka, 2012). The relationship between the practices and the employee performance will be measured using the correlation factor after analysis using the statistical software. The adoption of an analytical technique will involve the identification of the most appropriate tool for analysis of the responses. Regression analysis will be most suitable for this topic considering the type of measure used and the hypotheses. The relationships will be investigated, but the main focus will be on correlation relationships between the dependent variable and independent variables (Maxweel, 2012). Planning of data collection will be the final stage of the research in alignment to the integrative model. Some of the variables of interest will include training, job definition, performance appraisal and also employee participation. Questionnaires will be used in collecting data while response put in the SPSS software for analysis. The plan for data collection will be integrated with the variables, hypotheses, and analysis (Gliner et al, 2012). Alignment of the research thoughts with the integrative model will be vital in acquiring a lot of information in a systematic way during the investigation of the topic.

The approach makes sense for my doctoral study as it facilitates the basis for testing and clarifying some of the questions or beliefs about the topic. In this case more will be learned by using incorporating the model in the research study. The model provides a framework for thinking about problems and decisions in different perspectives similar to my case (Patricia, 2002). The approach will be crucial as it will shift focus from solving problems to building knowledge and learning that is the greatest achievement in a doctoral study. The model will also provide an overarching picture the research design most appropriate in any study (Patricia, 2002). These reasons make me think adopting the approach will make sense for my doctoral study.


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Maxwell, J. A. (2012). Qualitative research design: An interactive approach: An interactive approach. Sage.

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