Aristotle’s Ethics Essay Assignment Paper

Aristotle’s Ethics
                Aristotle’s Ethics

Aristotle’s Ethics

The essay is to be 5 pages in length (not including the title page or the works cited pages). It should be type-written, double spaced, with one inch margins and 12 point font. It should include in-text citation (unless otherwise cleared with the professor, following the MLA style). You need at least 6 sources. As a rule you will benefit from following a standard short research paper template something in the order of what follows:

1) Thesis statement (for a short paper like this, 1 paragraph)

2) Body of the paper where you flesh out the ideas, perhaps broken into a couple main sections (which can be titled)

3) Summary (1 paragraph at the end repeating the main points of the paper)

For this assignment, you must clear the topic with your professor. One key to writing a good research paper is to have a clearly formulated objective that is not too broad for the number of pages required. Please consult the writing rubric for this course, on your syllabus.

Possible topics include summary papers of the main philosophical perspectives of key figures in the history of philosophy:

  • Aristotle’s Ethics
  • Aquinas on the common good
  • Kant on the rationalist and empiricist traditions of early modern philosophy
  • Hegel on freedom (the master-slave dialectic)
  • Marx on freedom
  • Kierkegaard on the leap of faith
  • William James on the Varieties of Religious Experience
  • John Paul Sartre on living authentically

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