Art of rhetorical analysis Essay Paper

Art of rhetorical analysis
           Art of rhetorical analysis

Art of rhetorical analysis

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Prompt: Now that you have mastered the art of rhetorical analysis, you will have the chance to try your hand at crafting your own rhetorical argument as you use multimedia to convince your peers that a living person is worthy of praise. A rhetorical encomium begins with the genre of profile. A profile is the story of a person, place, or event. A profile gives a reader a new understanding of its subject by sharing interesting details and information. An encomium, however, is a profile with the explicit purpose of convincing an intended audience that the subject is worthy of praise. In this assignment, you will compose a multimedia encomium of an unknown hero: someone whom you believe to be praiseworthy, but whom your peers will need to be convinced is worthy of their attention. Your subject must be living; he/she may be famous (or perhaps infamous) with a specialized community, but cannot be someone whose reputation is already widely established as praiseworthy. The challenge of praising an unknown figure lies in your audience: they will have no idea why your subject is worthy of praise. Further, it is likely that you and your audience value different qualities and hold different assumptions about what constitutes praise, so you must convince them that your praise is justified. You will use the rhetorical methods of development—especially narration, description, exemplification, and argument—and the rhetorical appeals to characterize your subject. You will deliver your profile in a multimedia format of your choosing, one that you believe will bolster the rhetorical effectiveness of your encomium for your rhetorical audience of your peers.Process: Your brainstorming should be thorough. Remember, your project has a rhetorical audience and purpose—the subject of your profile should warrant attention and be appropriate in scope. As you plan your project, you will need to weigh several options of media for its delivery. Once you have chosen a medium, consider its the resources and constraints and determine how you will take full advantage of its available resources. The Media Commons and I have a wealth of resources to assist and support you in working with new media, but it is your responsibility to be proactive in seeking help when you need it. For your proposal, you will need to explain the following: (1) your chosen subject and reason (exigence) for profiling this person—why is it important that your peers acknowledge this person as worthy of praise?; (2) a description of the values, beliefs, and experiences your peers bring to this rhetorical situation as your intended audience; and (3) the resources and constraints of your chosen media for delivering your encomium and an explanation of why you have decided to use it. In addition, you will compose a cover letter to support me in evaluating your multimedia composition. In one page or less, the cover letter should explain the rhetorical choices that went into making your encomium by (1) directly addressing how you balanced the resources and constraints of your rhetorical situation and (2) providing several examples with analysis that support your explanation.

Grading Criteria:
Your assignment should

(1) clearly and fully profile a single subject;

(2) argue with substantial evidence that your subject
is worthy of praise (your exigence);

(3) convince your intended audience of peers why and how they can benefit from your encomium;

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