Artifact on Chinese Bronze bells Essay Paper

Artifact on Chinese Bronze bells
Artifact on Chinese Bronze bells

Artifact on Chinese Bronze bells

Artifact Questions

• What is the artifact? What is it made of?
• Where do you find it in society?
• Who uses it? An individual or a society?
• What is the function of this artifact in society? What is its significance?

Critical Thinking Questions

¥ In order for this object to exist, what else needs to exist within the society that created it? In other words, what historical context allows this object to exist?

¥ What does this object say about the people who made it? What do they value?

¥ What does this object tell you about the social rank, status or class of the individual that used it? What does it say in general about people of that rank, status or class?

¥ Is there is a difference between the people who used it, those whom it was used upon, or those who created it?

World History specific:

• How does this artifact ease or problematize global connections?
• Does this artifact connect or disconnect people from their culture or others’ culture?

• Does this artifact represent a specific kind civilization? How? Why? At the expense of other civilizations?

• Does this artifact follow a migration pattern?
• Does it embrace the geography of its culture or region?

Is it a resistance object or an object of assimilation?

Conclusion Thoughts:

¥ What emotions or reactions does this object inspire
in you? Would every generation have the same reaction to it?
Why or why not?

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