Aspects of leadership Journal Entries Paper

Aspects of leadership
Aspects of leadership

Aspects of leadership

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For this essay (entry) it is required to maintain a weekly journal, documenting important aspects of leadership they encounter over the duration of the module. Entries into the journal may include examples of leadership personally witnessed or insights gained through readings or class discussions.

1)I want 2 entries each one is around 100 words, and each entry is in separate word document.

2)Entries should be placed in a journal.

3)Entries should be based on your learning experience after reading the attached files.

4)You are free to follow your own format as long as it is logically structured.

5)Note: To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached.


Aspects of leadership

Journal Entry Number One


This model focused and zeroed in on the styles of leadership that are presently practiced. After the readings, the styles of leadership were categorized as relational, or task motivated. The contingency model is therefore analyzed. This approach of leadership is based on certain key contingency factors that include a follower development, situational urgency and task structures geared towards finding appropriate leadership styles that befit a situation.


The central purpose of this style of leadership dwells on contingency factors that dictate which among several leadership styles should be applied in a situation. Each particular leadership method results in certain outcomes (Lang, & Rybnikova, p 45). Another factor that stands out in this approach of leadership is that it is transformational, transactional and directive


This approach clearly intersects how a leader can perform effectively in certain roles and exhibit a series of weaknesses in different situations based on the task structure, position power, and leader-member relations (Lang, & Rybnikova, p 45). For example, a nurse may function effectively as a head of a department in a nursing association but may be unable to make timely and critical decisions when given the role of a surgeon. When this approach is applied, resources in the form of time and lives are saved.

Journal Entry Number 2


The central concept of this theory is that employees are motivated by that which they perceive their situation. This theory contends that employee motivation develops from their ability to complete given tasks, the support they receive in completing the tasks, the barriers and the rewards they receive.


A leader is an important variable in this model since he is held accountable for determining extrinsic rewards for goal completion (Wang, p 95). The support given by a leader increases the chances of work accomplishments, reduces the frustrations caused by barriers, and the intrinsic valences for goal attainment through task assignments.


This approach also gives a leader the task of choosing the best environment for followers that match the situations. An instance of this is shown in a hospital setting where the Manager has the task of running the activities of the organization. When he applies this theory, he matches the individual needs of the workers to that of the organization. He then adjusts his leadership style to match the tasks of junior officers.


Lang, R, & Rybnikova, I. (2012). Leadership is Going Global.

Wang, V. C. X. (2012). Closing the Leadership Gaps between Theory and Practice.

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