Assembly and hash function Assignment

Assembly and hash function
Assembly and hash function

Assembly and hash function

Assembly and hash function

Write a program in 32-bit x86 Assembly language that asks the user to enter a password to login. The password is accepted into a string and it is processed through a hashing function and then encrypted as below. After encryption, it is compared with the stored correct password in the program. The stored password is already hashed and encrypted as per the scheme below therefore if the user has not entered the correct password, it will not match and your program will give a warning. After three warnings, the program terminates denying the login otherwise it displays welcome message to the user.

Hash function: add ASCII codes of all the characters of the password string and then apply modulo 313 to the sum. The remainder is the hash code.

Encryption Scheme: Rotate right the hash code by 2 bits then perform XOR with the key. Key is selected as 217.

Source code from .asm file should be copied here.

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