AT for High Incidence Disabilities Paper

AT for High Incidence Disabilities
AT for High Incidence Disabilities
AT for High Incidence Disabilities

AT for High Incidence Disabilities

Here are the three web-based text readers from the Web 2.0 commentary. Visit at one of these websites and try the software. Then watch the videos on the
Kurzweil website. Report back on your experience: be sure to include:
1. Which Web 2.0 reader did you use?
2. How did you use it?
3. What kind of print materials did you try to read?
4. How was the ease of use?
5. What special features did you find?
6. compare and contrast with the Kurzweil, and
7. Anything else you think we should know.
8. Reflect on what you learned and how you might use this AT.
Text Aloud Would you like to take digital text and convert it to an MP3 or Windows Media file? Then take a look at Text
Aloud, “The World’s Most Popular Text to Speech Tool.” A free download is available to try it out before you buy.
Natural Reader
(free reader)
This reader with highlighted text reads MSWord files, text files, Adobe PDF files, web pages and emails where you can change the voice, volume and speed.
Natural Reader Professional and Enterprise versions can also be purchase that offer natural voices.
Kurzweil 3000
(for purchase)
Visit the video gallery:
Kurzweil was the inventor of this, the first, text to speech reader. I saw the first on in the early 1970’s at the VA Hospital where I taught Braille and
daily living skills to veterans returning from the Viet Nam conflict. It was a machine that looked like a copy machine and was actually that big. Stevie
Wonder paid $15,000 for his personal Kurzweil. Now it is a software program that can be loaded to any electronic device. Take a look at the features it
offers teachers and students.

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