Awareness of Global Warming Research

Awareness of Global Warming Research Background: As participants in a democratic society, it is important to know that our voices matter because they can actually effect change.

Awareness of Global Warming Research
Awareness of Global Warming Research

When we argue or discuss something, we enter into a conversation that has already been started by others, and it is important to learn about that conversation before we enter into it. In order to develop a well-reasoned argument, we must take the time to research the information surrounding the topic, which includes but is not limited to:  facts, statistics, surveys, polls, expert testimony, narrative evidence (of others), case studies, etc. For this essay, you must write a research-based argument about a critical issue of your choice.
Topic: You may choose the topic of your research paper, but it has to be loosely related to one of the themes we’ve discussed in class (related to education, identity, or American culture). You also need to get your topic approved by me.
Approach: Your essay must be an argument and cannot be a personal essay or a report. Some example acceptable arguments include: argument of definition, argument of causality, argument of evaluation, and argument of proposal. These approaches also may be combined; for example, you may write a problem/solution paper.

Awareness of Global Warming Research Paper Requirements

You must write a minimum of 7 FULL pages (maximum 10)
You must include a minimum of 7 sources
Your source types must include 1 book, 1 scholarly journal, 1 newspaper, and 1 magazine
You must include a works cited page (not counted in 7 page requirement)
You must follow correct MLA format throughout
You must write in third-person perspective throughout (with the exception of anecdotal evidence used once in your paper)
Example Topics (Based on Readings):
Problems in education, the need to diversify media, gender/race/cultural equality,  sex in advertisements(or elsewhere), the stereotypes of masculinity or femininity, difficulties within the workforce, parental attitudes/pressure, class inequality, immigration, etc.

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