Bank Profitability with Interest Rates

Bank Profitability with Interest Rates Purpose: Researching Yields and profitability of banks prior to 2008 to Yields and profitability of banks after 2008. (or not necessarily 2008 crisis, but just comparing trends of market rates and the effect of that on profits) Hypothesis is that Profitability before 2008 was higher than after 2008.

Bank Profitability with Interest Rates
Bank Profitability with Interest Rates

Please use data on the asset/liability and market interest rate changes (since this is what our RP 1 was on). Obtain historical data from the Bloomberg Terminal (or another approved website such as,,,, or related to Research paper 1 topic (see attached). The analysis excluding tables or graphs, must be limited to 5 pages with the same formats as the first paper. Format for paper is: Intro(with Thesis sentence), Body(bulk of this is describing and analyzing the data, talking about the regressions, etc), then Conclusion. Must include: Data – Provides accurate, thorough description of how the data was collected, what/how many data sources were analyzed, plan of analysis or measurement instrument, research context. Statistics – *Univariate (Descriptive statistics) computed correctly and presented clearly *Correlations computed and presented clearly *Regression models or appropriate alternative(s) estimated and clearly presented *Tables/figures clearly and concisely convey the data. For this part, please do and Correlation and Regression Analysis, using software R if possible (Excel is also okay, but really would prefer R). Include all the tables, data, and models in a separate document and also place at the end of the paper. The spreadsheet containing the data must also be submitted with the paper (please give me the paper, as well as excel file with the data used). See attached files. In paper structure, this is Project 2, and I have attached Research Project 1. Number of sources is not too important, just please have enough data to back your arguments and create those statistical models/variables. I have attached two examples of other Research Paper 2 Topics. The paper should look similar to this, of course our topic is different than in the examples. Please include the data, graphs, and models in the end of the report. If you have any questions or need anything clarified, please message me, I will reply quickly.


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