Bills of rights Essay Assignment Available

Bills of rights
Bills of rights

Bills of rights


The purpose of this research paper is to enhance your abilities as a research, writer, editor, student and future professional. You will be required to choose a historical topic and demonstrate what you have learned in your tenure as a student.


You are required to write an analytical paper on a historical topic of your choice. You are required to choose a topic within the confines of the course. 1600-1865. Topics should not be too broad, such as the American Revolution or the Civil War. You will be graded on your analytical and organization abilities, as well as your writing and grammar.

Minimum Requirements:

Your paper must meet or exceed these minimum requirements.

  • Minimum of approximately 1,500 words. (I will be checking.) You will lose ten points for every 100 words below the minimum limit.
  • Your work needs to be cited in Chicago format with footnotes. There will be no excuse for not having proper citations. There are plenty of materials on my website and the internet on how to do this. No Citations = No Grade
  • A minimum of three primary sources and four secondary sources- The secondary sources must be journal articles. (i.e. Jstor)

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