Biogas Plants Methane fuel Dissertation 

Biogas Plants Methane fuel Dissertation 
Biogas Plants Methane fuel Dissertation

Biogas Plants Methane fuel Dissertation


From Blueprint to reality of Self Sustainable Farming:

The emergence of Natural Gas Powered Eco Systems in the United Kingdom’s Agricultural

industry with the aid of New Hollands Methane Powered Tractor in the market

Research Questions:

How does the New Holland methane powered tractor prove revolutionary in the quest for sustainable agriculture?

To what extent can Bio-Methane utilised as a fuel thrive in UKs agricultural fuelling market?

To what extent do Biogas Plants prove to be a profitable option for farm businesses in the UK?

What is the potential of AD plants in the country in the future?

Research Aims and Objectives

Outline why the vehicle is considered a groundbreaking innovation that enables farming enterprises to achieve a new level of sustainability.

Analyse the current Biogas Infrastructure of the United Kingdom and its potential future growth.

Consideration and Evaluation of the prevalence of Business Drivers for British farms with AD plants (Food or Energy ó Food and Energy)

Data Collection Procedures and Research Approach

As this project aims to research the emergence of BioGas Plants in the Agricultural industrywith a focus on the viability of an innovative vehicle that is not yet on the open market, it was decided that the best method was to take a Mixed Method approach, which involved

Literature review, Interviews, and Document analysis.

Literature Review

Van Basshuysen, R. (2016). Natural gas and renewable methane for powertrains. Cham [etc.]: Springer.

Anaerobic Digestion making Biogas Making Energy by Tim Pullen 2005

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Grundlagen der Gastechnik Gasbeschaffung ñ Gasverteilung  Gasverwendung, Benno Lendt, G¸nter Cerbe 2016 Erdgas und erneuerbares Methan f¸r den Fahrzeugantrieb : Wege zur klimaneutralen

Mobility, Van Basshuysen R 2015

Bio-energy and renewable power methane in integrated 100% renewable energy system, Sterner M 2009

Biogas Trends on the German and International Market, Clemens Findeisen, Consultant Development Cooperation German Biogas Association

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European Biogas Association 2017/18 Statistical Report

Connect all information in order to sustain my thesis:

The UKs Agricultural Sector has the ability to use large amounts of waste produced annually by farms across the country with Biogas Implants and the utilisation of Bio-Methane as a fuel is a reality that will boost agriculture profitability and sustainability levels.

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