Biological and ergonomical resistance

Biological and ergonomical resistance
  Biological and ergonomical                                  resistance

Biological and ergonomical resistance

In this SLP, you will be a health and safety manager in a company that has a manufacturing facility with multiple occupational hazards. This setting could be a place where you currently work, one that you may be familiar with, or one that you just find interesting.

In the facility there have been many workers compensation claims for back injury and chronic back pain. Also, there has recently been concern for exposure to biological hazards when accidents occur and there is potential for exposure to blood or body fluid. For this SLP, and in the context of your SLP project:

Identify ergonomic hazards to which workers may be exposed, particularly the ones leading to back injury, and design a plan to address this concern and prevent future injuries.Design a plan to prevent exposure to biological hazards in your workforce.

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