Black Civil Rights Essay Paper

Black Civil Rights
Black Civil Rights

Black Civil Rights

The point of this assignment is to improve your skills in demonstrating change over time. Answer the following question by accounting for change on the given topic from the first point to the second point. This will require setting up the context of the whole period, marking ideally a few turning points between the beginning and end point. It will require giving close attention and some source analysis to the documents indicated

Respond to the following prompt:
Black Civil Rights: Use the following two documents to show why some African Americans decided that it was time for a more radical form of civil rights activism with the Black Power movement. Sources: Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) and Stokely Carmichael “The Basis of Black Power, SNCC, 1966”

Source 1 (point 1) :

Plessy v. Ferguson: The actual Supreme Court decision is quite long and difficult to digest. I don’t expect you to use it directly. If you really want to see the decision it is available at (Links to an external site.)

More digestible excerpts from the Plessy v. Ferguson source:
Summary and quotes from case at (Links to an external site.)

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