Black people response to Jim Crow

Black people response to Jim Crow
Black people response to Jim Crow

Black people response to Jim Crow

Black people response to Jim Crow

1. INTRO. Focus on how black people responded to Jim Crow-basically by their activism. Then mention that women were at the forefront of these battles, but often do not get recognized for their contributions. Then go into your thesis-which will foreground the contributions of the activist.
2. BODY PARAGRAPHS 1-3. Begin with how the activist upbringing led to her activism. DO NOT BEGIN this section with a biographical sentence (such as the year & location where she was born), instead mention how her activism was shaped early on, for the remainder of this section, also use the person’s full name when introducing her introduction and the first time you mention her in the body paragraph. After that us the last name.
3. BODY -4-9. Discuss her major contribution to the movement from the earlier stages to when her activism became more developed and pronounced. Be sure to analyze the contributions in spite of the ramifications. These paragraphs will be the MEAT OF YOUR ANALYSIS, so be sure to give them your full attention. Towards the end of the body you can mention when her work declined. At the very end, you should also include her death, and transition by mentioning that her legacy and contributions live on even today.
4. BODY PARAGRAPH 10-11. Focus on her impact and long lasting legacy. We continue to benefit from her activism, and so will people from generations to come.
5. BODY PARAGRAPH 12-13: CONCLUSION. Reiterate her importance and impact (not in the same words as the intro), and take your work to another trajectory.

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