Borderline personality symptomatology

Borderline personality symptomatology
Borderline personality symptomatology

Sex and age differences in symptoms in borderline personality symptomatology

The summary should include and introduction to your topic in general as well as a statement of the research hypothesis that the authors set out to test including the independent and dependent variables, a summary of the methods and procedures used to test the hypothesis, also include who the subjects were and how many, what tests or surveys were completed and any important materials used, etc. a summary of the research findings and their significance; and an explanation of how the research reported in this article applies to real-life situations outside of the laboratory. Approximately 2 pages double spaces with 1-1.25 inch margins with 12 point font. Include an APA style reference at the end of your review. This article must have been published between 2008 and 2016. Make sure you include in-text citation when you paraphrase your article; a reference page is NOT sufficient. Be sure to include a cover page and follow all APA guidelines for papers in this course (see syllabus and APA helpful hints).

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