Bowel cancer screening Assignment

Bowel cancer screening
Bowel cancer screening

Bowel cancer screening

Assessment item 1: Annotated Bibliography
Word length: 2000 words +/- 10% (not including references)
Topic: Health topics related to screening tests.
– Bowel cancer screening
Referencing style: Citing and referencing using APA.
You must attach a copy of each source with your assessment item.
You must attach the following:

A full copy of the journal article, not just the abstract.

A copy of the front cover of your edited book and the copyright page as well as the chapter itself.

A screen shot of your homepage. You can do this by using the ?PRT SC? key on your keyboard and pasting it into a word document. You should attach a screen
shot of any links or other pages which help demonstrate your homepage.

Presentation: 12 point Times New Roman
Double spaced .
Page margins ?normal? (2.54cm on each side)
Title of your assessment item, total word count.
Page number must be inserted at the bottom of each page.
Start each annotation on a new page and put citation as the heading of each annotation
Purpose of the assessment item
Every health practitioner is required to read technical and academic literature to inform practice and to decipher new knowledge. Learning to discern
academic and technical literature takes time and practice. The purpose of this assessment item is two-fold.
Firstly, it will enable you to retrieve and read literature to make decisions about its accuracy, reliability and currency. Secondly, it will assist you to
develop researching and academic writing skills in your area of study. .
What you will need to do
Step one: You are required to retrieve the following sources related to the topic:
1. Two (2) academic journal articles (from library databases like
2. Two (2) print chapters from an edited book.
3. Two (2) homepages from an Australian State or Federal Government website.
Step two: For every source, you will need to provide the following:
1. List the citation in the referencing style prescribed by your discipline area.
2. Summarise the main argument(s) and conclusion(s) by the author(s). This must be in your own words (using academic writing style and in 3rd person).
3. Evaluate the source. Evaluating sources includes an assessment of accuracy, reliability and currency. The types of questions you might ask yourself
include: the quality of the references the author(s) use, the date of publication, how the authors are funded, what are the qualifications and affiliations
of the author(s) (using academic writing style and in 3rd person?
4. Reflect on how useful the source was (written in 1st person). How useful did you find this source to be? You should comment on whether the source was
relevant, useful and insightful.

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