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Branding Strategy
                                               Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy

Module 4 Assignment 2

Fedorah Dessources
St. Thomas University
Strategic Marketing Management

Branding Strategies Failures

Indeed, one of the essential aspects of growing any business is having a successful branding strategy. In this regard, the employment of an effective branding strategy makes all the difference as it can make or break a brand. Furthermore, the basic rules for branding are continuously evolving with time. For instance, content marketing, social media, second screening, and though-leadership are some of the numerous factors that challenge brands to change their thought-patterns. Consequently, sustaining and creating customer loyalty and trust is more difficult than before. Unfortunately, businesses continue to ignore some elements which in turn lead their brands and ventures to fail. This paper will, therefore, provide reasons why brand strategies end up failing in the market.

One of the reasons for brand strategy failure is adopting monotonous approaches to branding. In this regard, companies which continue to use tactics and strategies that are overused in the market are often bound to fail. As such, it would be advisable for businesses to be creative and consider the unique ways in which their brands engage with consumers. Therefore, the failure to account for the fact that customers like varieties and surprises can negatively affect a branding strategy that relies heavily on the collective success of other brands in the market. For this reason, failing to manage the customers’ engagement strategy leads to the failure of well-envisioned branding strategies (Llopis, 2014).
Additionally, employing an overly complicated branding strategy can lead to its failure. The reason is that such an approach can lead to an improper or lack of connection with the intended audience. More specifically, brands often complicate their Unique Value Propositions in a bid to get their customers’ attention. However, in an effort of renewing and re-inventing themselves, complications arise, and this frustrates their shareholders and customers. For this reason, when the brand’s objective isn’t straight-forward, the customers’ patience and willingness to figure out its identity may not be forthcoming (Llopis, 2014). This will eventually lead to a branding strategy failure.

Failing to focus on employee and customer satisfaction can also lead to branding strategy failure. Indeed, the practice of valuing money and success more than the vital human component sabotages a business’s effort to grow. More specifically, when companies focus on the profits that they aim at accruing at the expense of the quality that their customers will obtain from a product, the branding strategy often fails. As such, companies should ensure that they focus on serving others so that they can leave a legacy. In this regard, a lack of accountability and responsibility can sabotage a business’s branding strategy. Furthermore, failure to be passionate about one’s brand can cause a branding strategy to fail. In this regard, lack of enthusiasm manifests itself; in the strategy’s direction, product’s quality and in customer interactions (Olenski, 2017).

Various factors determine whether a branding strategy will succeed or fail. In this regard, the adoption of monotonous and rigid approaches to branding has negative repercussions to set strategies. Additionally, the adoption of complex branding strategies can lead to disconnects between a business and its customers; leading to its failure. Moreover, the inability to value customer satisfaction as well as a lack of enthusiasm and passion also lead to branding strategies failures.


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