Broadway musical response Essay Paper

Broadway musical response
Broadway musical response

Broadway musical response

START NEW THREAD: For your original thread, respond to the following prompt. 400 words

Come up with a new concept for a Broadway Musical — the catch is that you need to base it on some piece of pop culture from the last 25 years that has not already been used as a concept for a musical. Coming up with an original idea is more challenging than it sounds!

You can use any piece of pop culture as your source material: Rock/Pop albums, Careers of Singers/Musicians, any movies/tv shows, comic books, popular novels, so long as it hasn’t been done before. But, for example, you can’t use the comic Spiderman, or the Disney animated films The Lion King and Frozen (it’s in pre-production already!), or the Stephen King horror novel Carrie because these have already been adapted into Broadway musicals!

Run a Google-search of your idea (ex: “Disney Frozen musical“) to make sure that it’s not already out there in the world; you will be surprised how many musicals have been based on movies and recent pop culture! You will not receive full points if we find your idea is already out there!

Once you find your piece(s) of source material, think about how you would go about adapting this story for the stage. In no particular order address the following:

  • give us the background of your source material including a brief summary of the story
  • an argument for why your think this would make a great musical (remember we might have preconceptions [biases] about the source material so you want to make us see the potential that you see!)
  • a description of the tone/style of the musical — try to communicate the feel of the show as you envision it!
  • an example of one song from the show
  • title of song
  • which character(s) sing it
  • the purpose of the song: Why is this moment sung? How does the song develop character, or forward the plot?
  • 3 casting choices — for 3 principle characters in your show cast well-known (living) actors and explain why this performer is your 1st choice for this particular role

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